Everything falls into place when something is right. When something happens that is so powerful you cannot ignore the message the universe sends you. And wow, it has hit me on the head like a hammer.

1 week after I got approved to go back to work, 4 interviews fell into my lap. All within my field, all home.  And that’s the issue – they are all back home. There is nothing here. Where is home? Hawaii. Yeah – and therein lies the rub.

Several things have to happen to get me to the interviews, the first being money for the flight to and from, the hotel and the rental car.  And well, with only 50.00 in my back for the entire month – that’s not going to happen.

Now, go back to my first sentence. When it’s right, it happens.  1 friend used his miles to get me there.  My ex suggested a gofundme.  OK so I put it up, he helped me write it.


So now, the flight there is done. The hotel and car are covered by what we raised. With no extra for food – which is ok. I still have foodstamps and the hotel does breakfast of a sorts. So food stamps has food. Not doing the touristry things because – well it’s home. been there done that. LOL  I might have lunch on the beach just one time. So I can thank everyone by taking a picture of the sunset and mailing a printed 5×7  copy to them.

All that’s left is the flight home. around 450.00.  Wow, we went from 1500 to 450 in a 2 days. I have my work to do. Clothes, paperwork (all the jobs are for the State of Hawaii so there are forms for each one), resumes to print, transcripts to scan and print. 4 folders to make up, my directions from hotel to each one to print. It’s a lot of work. And i’de be leaving at 5:30am sunday morning.

Sometimes things happen when you are ready, not when you want them to. Be calm, do what you need to do to facilitate it, and then make the best of it once it happens.


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