Before you know it a chance comes along that changes you.  What is chance? It's a
circumstantial minute in life that changes things.

You bump into someone, they smile, you smile. You walk away with a smile when your
day wasn't going well.  That smile, that little chance made your day better.

You buy something and find out it's worth a lot more than you paid the old lady at
the flea market for.  You start to investigate it and find out it's really old, 
and belonged to someone in History that shaped our nation. Chance. You learned something
you met someone neat (the old lady) and you realized not everything is visible at
first glance.

You meet someone in a group you are in on line. You know nothing about them other than
you both have something in common. You talk within the group.  One day you go to a
photography gathering, and you bump into someone - yes, the person you chatted with. 
You both hang out the whole day and years later - you marry. It's all by chance.

Chances give people extra attempts to try and better themselves, it pushes you
further along a different timeline than the one you were on.  Chances give you
an amazing insight to things around you. Chances help you grow, learn and live.