Depression and The Weather

Anyone with depression or SAD (Seasonal depressive disorder) knows that a series of 
gray, rainy days can make you restless and agitated. And with the shorter days and 
darker hours - we are miserable creatures.

So, what are some things you can do to help with this? Some things are relatively
simple, some - not so much.  I have learned a lot over the past 5 years dealing
with not being in Hawaii where I was healthier than ever and sun all the time. Now,
the east coast is home and wow - i hate winter. seriously hate it. My friends will
tell you I never leave the house I don't do anything with them and the holidays for
me are horrible because i have no family and i eat pot pies for thanksgiving and 
Christmas. Oh yeah - I hate winter.

So, what have I learned through all that madness? Citrus smells. Really. No warm
brown sugar vanilla, no warm pumpkin spice. It's too relaxing. Citrus wakes
you up. I shower with it, i have it in my wax melters.I drink tea with oranges,
berries, lemon zest in it. Blood orange is my favorite for ice tea. Warn, I like
A fruity tea with honey.

Also, ladies, citrus perfumes. Guys, stay away from the warm smells. Change to a 
more vibrant smell.  Smell has a lot to do with how you feel. We know through
research that it is a major jolt in patients with Alzheimer.  Especially roses,
citrus, cookies, etc. One patient I had (when i was a CNA in nursing school) loved
the smell of boot polish. It reminded her of her husband who was military. Me, my
go to smells when I need a jolt (well with memory loss i don't associate anything
with anything lol) I like plumaria, fresh coconut, sea spray, walnut ink, mac n 
cheese and pine sol. Dunno why - we are working at.

So, we have smells. Easy to do. A good sunlamp will help a lot. I sit under mine
15 minutes every night while reading, in the winter I go up to 30.  That is not
a cheap fix. But, you can now change all your bulbs in the house to sun ones yeah
Home Depot!  So that's an expensive help and a cheaper version.

Smells, lamps, you're wondering what's next aren't you? I have a weird one. Nesting.
Seriously, get citrus cleaners and clean your place! A cleaner place will feel larger
it will smell amazing. Also, decreasing clutter, organizing things and the physical
activity is really healthy. It also gives you a great sense of accomplishment when
you are done.  Break it down if you have physical issues like I do. I did a room
a day during the week for basic cleaning. But, for the big spring n fall - 2 days.
I do it all. Move furniture, trash galore, organizing, you name it - walls, light
switches, closet floors get scrubbed, towels get refolded and put away better.

So we have smells, light, activity. There is a method to my madness. LOL Well,
I am no longer mad at anything. My accident took care of that. I'm too chill
sometimes.  Try drinking lemon/lime water, citrus pop, bright teas. Your whole
body and mind will thank me for this.

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