I am saying what i want on facebook, go ahead and punish me for it by putting me on probation for 2 years sca, the people who took what i wrote and twisted it and then used it against me – way to go shitheads, this is why no one wants to play in your barony. No one can trust you. Pastors are not exempt – they are worse than the rest. If they are with the gang they ignore your existance but, claim to love you and be your friend. Then lie to your face. No thanks. And as for your trolls – fuck you. FREEDOM OF SPEECH I will be doing another cull. SCA folks say goodbye. I have had it. Took me 5 years to show people I’ve changed, i got to play and do things – and a handful of people pissed all over me out of fear because they were the ones who made the decisions, and they were wrong. but, they ganged up on me and made me the fool. thanks.


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