Bullet Journal

Bullet Journals: A journal with color, to do lists, tracking and more. But, 
when you have a disability, are home 24/7/365 days a week, you start to 
deteriorate. You stop showering - why bother you aren't going anywhere; you stop
brushing your teeth - whose going to know? You stop exercising because you hurt,
you stop doing the cleaning - why bother no one is coming over. So what good
is a bullet Journal (Bujo) going to do?

For the disabled, Why should we track anything? Why does it matter? Well for me,
I have learned that I need to stop giving up, stop giving in, 
stop worrying about being alone all the time and focus on what I can control. What
can it do for me? Sure, I'm broke (physically and financially), but, there are
things I can do for me. And that is where the BuJo comes in.

I am using my BuJo to remind me I am worthy of taking the time
to do the basics to take care of myself. Today I added what is called a "habbit 
tracker" to my bujo. Some of these items seem common place but, for us what is 
common isn't necessarily our common.

On this tracker I put: Shower (cause 8 days wo one....), Brush Teeth (dragon breath), 
Get Dressed (cause my neighbors are tired of seeing me walk the dog in pjs) walk
the dog for longer than 2 minutes, drink water, eat breakfast (how many of you do
not eat it?), take insulin (why bother? i'm in pain and dying slowly anyway), etc.
These things will help me take care of myself better. I've also joined two
writing groups that give you a challenge everyday. This is not only improving
my calligraphy, but, it's giving me a reason to get out of bed. It's a start!

Bullet Journals can be used for tracking exercise, movies, books to read, etc. But,
I think using the habbit tracker for Mentally and physically disabled people is a 
great tool. It helps us to remember we are worthy of good things, we can do things
without anyone else, we can take care of ourselves in small ways that allow us control.

So get a blank paged notebook, some colored pens and pencils, a black pen - go to 
pinterest and put in BUJO, and start your own bullet journal and know you can do it.


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