So, being as today is my mother’s birthday, the memory therapist decided to help me find good memories of the deceased woman. (no, I don’t call her mom, she was EVIL).  So this is basically how it went: So what good things can you tell me about your mom that  you remember. ME: Nothing the woman was EVIL and I don’t want to remember. Therapist: OK, moving on! (She got the hint. LOL)  Then we worked on daily things I forget and how to use my BUJO to help me. I created a section entitled: Memories and Dreams. Hopefully that will help.

But, It did get me thinking. (Enter jokes here). What did I get from her? Great eyes and lips? Mad dance skills. I didn’t get her archery or bowling skills, my brother got those. LOL I got her ptsd and her insanity. Oh joy. So, basically, I got the bad shit cause obviously my eyes and lips aren’t enough to get a partner or a date!

Sometimes memories are fleeting. Sometimes I just don’t understand what i’m remembering. Sometimes I  want to erase what i do remember.

Memories of our past shape who we are. We react to things off those memories.what happens when you don’t have them anymore? What shapes you then? What can you do before and after. These things are the things I think about non stop.


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