Power of the SCA


by Gwyneth MacDonagh, Atlantia

Most people talk about power and immediately think fighters, fencers, and other marshalled events in the SCA. People talk about guilds and households and royals as being powerful. Powerful allies, powerful fighters, and powerful leaders. But, there is another power the SCA holds, a quiet, understated power – the power of caring.

When people come together powerful things get accomplished. Raising money for various charities, food banks and medical bills. Again, I have seen this power. Just recently a very amazing member of our Barony (Highland Foorde) who is young, but, dedicated, lost her mother. Immediately the call for funds went out for a funeral. Not even 24 hours had gone by. She was not going to go through this alone.

This is a pure example of the power we, the SCA, has within us. The power to be there, the power to do good, the power to come together. Times as they are right now make people want to hide, it makes them want to hurt others and fight back. The riots, the killings, the persecution that is happening in our mundane lives makes us depressed and forget the good things that we in the SCA can accomplish.

We can do things no mundane groups can do. We have a huge common interest within our organization, the human spirit. Recreating is just a part of what we do. We also teach community, we teach acceptance, we teach solidarity, we teach compassion, we teach respect and chivalry. These things we have been taught over the years and continue to teach with each generation.

The best part – is that when we come together we do so on a massive scale. Not a group of 20 or 30, but in the thousands. Pennsic is an example. At the end everyone donates their food to the food bank, and the trucks get full quickly. Vendors raise money for people who have been diagnosed with cancer or people who need new homes due to fires and people who have lost lovedones. We, the SCA, have the most amazing power that can change lives of everyone around us – we have the power of caring for others. And that, is the truly the most incredible power of all.


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