Gone to the Dog

My service dog, leroy, with an irish wolfhound.  Big difference! But, seriously, that "little dog" has saved my butt 14 times in 2.5 years. His birthday is in 4 days! I am so going to take him to the puppy bakery and get him a special treat. While I was in my sleep study a friend of mine watched him. And man it was tough. I woke up with 2 night terrors in the hour that I slept. He wasn't there so it took me forever to go back to sleep. Anyone with PTSD gets this concept. Heart races, body shakes, mind can't focus, breathing is rapid and your eyes are darting everywhere looking for a problem that isn't there. :(

Leroy, my faithful boy, always wakes me up, licks my face, lays on me and gets me to focus on him. He's a champ I tell ya'! Service dogs come in many breeds, sizes, shapes and abilities. Not all dogs have blind handlers. I'm not blind - though I am legally hard of hearing But, hey - my boy knows things. He can brace, hold, down, sit, stay, ignore, leave it, step up and hold, step down and hold, wake me up, open fridge, lean (balance) and a lot of little things. He's amazeballs. Some he learned over time, some with his trainer. (Greyt hearts service dogs).

He and I teach kids and parents alike wherever we go. I always teach. It's a me thing. LOL  We talk about types, rules, what they do, how they do it. People are
always fascinated by what dogs can do. And greyhound owners zero in on Leroy immediately. We are a strange breed us greyhound folks. Normally you see multiples because greyhounds are better with more than 1 and they are easy to deal with in sets.  But, with a service dog - i only have 1. He's expensive enough. LOL Maybe when I pay him off (2,000 left!), i'll adopt another smallish one. Maybe a 50lb instead of 70!


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