Sometimes you have to type your reply 100 times to not chew someones but off. Then email people you think will get the gist and ask for editing and if they see the clique that is forming and a hierarchy that shouldnt be happening too. Cause thats just wrong. Its exclusive instead of inclusive and i dont play that way. Ever.

I was always the excluded kid, picked on, teased, left out and unmercifully talked about behind my back as i never learned social skills, i was 3/4 deaf and a foot taller than everyone else w a serious reading and comprehension deficiet i was the deaf retard. im just now learning so ial skills and its tough as nails. Love aspie n add. Not. At crown i was the victim of bullying and teasing by a few catty baronesses (getting used to them). It made me leave mol table and cry for an hour and ruined my day, again .

Thats why i am so adamant about inclusivity. Ive been there and i never want anyone to go through that. I want everyone to feel safe and welcomed. I know its an unreasonable request in life and reality is…humans like hiarchies and cliques..feeds the need to be empowered.


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