Distant Memories

So since the accident I have forgotten a lot. People, places, times/events. And it all gets jumbled in my head. Some will pop up with a little coaxing. Like words – I have to go through a list before getting the one I want. It’s like putting in key words in a search engine and hoping the right pages show up. Frustrating to me and i’m sure, to those I talk to.

My dreams have been increasingly crazy. Part memory, part science fiction. Last nights was no exception. I was sitting in a bedroom on the floor with two guys, one blond one brunette. We were looking through my albums for KIZZ’s latest one and talking about how the new Iron Maiden album was. Ok – that’s likely. Here’s the weird part – my mom came in to borrow some pants from me for a date (also likely as we were both a size 10 at the time), but, she got a skirt instead (um no, didn’t wear skirts till i was 18) and it was a 3 tier (also a no).  Then she flirted with the blond (also likely) and then the dream faded to my sister making out with both the blond and the brunette (again likely) and I got mad because the women in my house couldn’t keep their pants on when mine were coming off daily to feed their drug habits – by force.  Again, likely.  But, it was totally weird, like looking in a mirror and watching it happen behind me. My mom is 20 years older than me and she looked like my sister, my sister was 5 years older than me and we looked like twins. So this is plausible. Did I have a dream, or a memory, or both??? Crazy.


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