The Knowing

Nothing makes you madder than not knowing why you are sick. I have been very weak for 8 months. OK Fybro aside I mean weak. No eating, sleeping, etc… thyroid T3, T4 were at .5/4.0 – ooops. So on thyroid meds. Yeah that helped. 2 months ago – bam, here we go again but, with stomach and intestinal pain. Reason finally dawned on my PCP. She looked at the bloodwork for months – my leukocytes were always high, plateletts high, rbc low (duh overcrowded by the previous 2).  BINGO

Leukocytosis….aka my white blood cells are attacking my body when i eat. Seriously. Right?! Groans here…..  so now what for the body shot person?  Organic only no processed foods — on 160 a month in fs. RIGHT – WRONG.  So It’s not going to happen due to limited funds. (yeah politicians for cutting fs and medical!! and giving themselves raises and new homes at 1,000,000 each!). I wanna shoot the entire group of them. Even SSi/SSDi got no cost of living raises this year but, the gov got theirs!!!! maggot eating ass hats.

So, the compromise was a pill to take with my food so that it breaks down faster, my stomach gets rid of it faster and i poop it out faster so my body won’t react. nope, still does. Stupid. there is no end in site. they can’t get the insurance company to approve a specialist. So instead everytime I can’t breath or walk due to the pain i call the er. I go in – eventually the insurance will call us and go we see you have this problem, shall we approve a specialist…..why yes, dipshit!

Obviously I’m a bit cranky today. LOL Sorry, but, the stupidity of lawmakers and people with no backgrounds in healthcare making decisions as to why i need or don’t need a specialist appals me. Especially barbara from india!!!!!!  Outsourcing at it’s best.


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