It’s an easy word, but, not easily obtainable for some. With the daily struggles of disease, pain, emotional journeys and life, JOY is the one thing many of us find missing in our lives. What is it – that thing that’s described in so many ways, yet so easily forgotten to be thankful each day? Why do we find it so hard to grasp?

When your life is full of doctors appointments, therapist, physical therapy and tests on a regular basis, there is more strife than joy. But, we must take time out to look for those little moments. I had forgotten this until yesterday. A few of our leaders and hard core fighters showed up for a demo at the Celtic Festival/Scottish Games and did a demo. We worked all day talking about the SCA, getting information to folks about history and what we do to ensure the future is full of living history. And at times, I found myself smiling at small moments of joy. Something I haven’t had for a bit – but, welcomed with open arms.

As I sit here contemplating, my liver is shooting sparks of sharp pain. And I’m using those moments from yesterday to get through it – pain is but a small moment in time and our bodies are telling us something is not right. So I welcome it. I’m alive. LOL

During the demo yesterday, I saw Glynis talk to people and smile a brilliant smile, but, I knew she had only 3 hours sleep and came off the plane straight to the demo. I could only think that if she can do this, no matter what, so could I. It brought me joy knowing that so many people were learning and happy with what she was telling them. Rychard had the audience entertained during the fighting boughts. I had to smile at his whimsy and fun nature. Fergus kept up with the throngs of kids who wanted to try on the armor, the teens who wanted to see the weapons and the parents who were wanting to take pictures of both. How he does it is anyone’s guess! It gave me an opportunity to talk about the AnS side of the sca. Fiber, scribing, cooking, feast gear, garb and everything else. The kids loved theĀ  shield blanks and some showed them off proudly to the crowd. It was so much fun.

And then the rain came. Oh yeah, billowing tents with massive wind and torrential, freezing cold rain. As scadians we are used to this – it’s called Pennsic. LOLĀ  We pulled stuff under the tents, wrapped up on heavier material, talked about ideas and welcomed people to come over and get under the tent with us. For many it was a quick respite on the way to their cars, but, I have no doubt they will remember the smiling group of people when everyone else was grumpy.

When the rain cleared our fighters were at it again, and the crowds came. Again, I was left pondering what had happened in the last hour. People sharing cloaks and fabric, leroy under a baronial banner keeping warm, and all of us smiling despite the weather. We had joy. Joy that showed outward to everyone. We, until some drunk with size 13 boots stepped on my foot as he tried to feel my puppy. and failed. A small crack in the foot, an hour in the waiting room did not take away my smile. And I still feel that little bit of joy looking back at the pictures.

Tis joy that i saw yesterday
it shined on a friend's face.
I saw it in the eyes of a child
and people watching.
Tis joy that i hadn't seen
so long in myself and everything.
I saw it among strangers and friends
reminding me that I'm alive
and joy isn't that hard to find.   mrd 5/15/16



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