Steps Make Energy

Right, What? Well, since I got this Ifit in December I have gone from 300 to 5,000 steps a day. For a person with my lack of spoons that’s awesome. I sometimes do the normal 10,000. But, I have noticed a trend. It takes steps to get spoons. I know what you’re thinking – no way possible. When you don’t have spoons you can’t make more. But, it’s true. I push myself to do 2,000 when I have no spoons, and I end up having enough spoons to do a few more things and even a few more steps. Negative spoons can’t make positive ones. Not true.

Much like exercising, physiologists have noted that when a person does exercise in the morning they have more energy that day. If you do it at night – it’ll keep you up. So, thinking about this (and having my anatomy and physiology professor going – “I told you so!”) I decided to try something. No matter how low my spoons are (Like today I’ve been in and out of bed since 7am) I push myself to 2,000 steps. (Without leroy due to his back pain.) And after that I did some laundry and some dishes….what???? Yup, I had more spoons. Now I’ve been doing this thought process for 2 weeks now. And it started with 1,000 now up to 2,000 – with no spoons for it. It’s pure torture I won’t lie. I want to curl up in a ball with the cat and throw a temper tantrum the size of the grand canyon. “Don’t make me walk, I can’t, no spoons!” But, I give in telling myself I am doing this for the good of…well, me. And low and behold – halfway in and my spoons are returning.

We need to rest, we have no spoons. Sometimes it’s better just to stay flat on our backs and nap. But, sometimes it’s worth that push. Much like a running pushing through that bit of pain for the last mile – they are glad they did. And I too am glad I tried this lil’ experiment of mine. I have had more spoons than normal. Even while sick (Now there’s something to think about!).

So, yes, negative spoons can yield into positive ones. You just have to “push it”…and now that song is stuck in my head…..


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