Service Dog Blues

So, friday my SD leroy slipped on the wet steps. I thought he just stretched his muscles as I saw so bruising, nothing. Since then he has been acting more panicky, breathing harder and eyes wide. So I called the vet for an am apt. I am not waisting any time on this. I am having flashbacks of my last dog with the same injury – and it was cancer – very aggressive. So, to say that I am freaking out just a lil bit is about right. I am running all sorts of senarios in my head. A hundred “what if’s”. If he does have something super bad, I am going to do right by him. But, I won’t be getting another SD anytime soon. Which is going to make me not go out as much, not do as much, and not talk to people as much. And I am ok with this. 2 in 2 years will be too much. (No puns intended). His breathing is heavy and labored. So I am going to sleep on the floor with him tonight. And Pray that he just pulled a muscle.


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